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PISK has been all over the world. Come see what we’ve seen!

Iskra University Bootcamp

The second year of PISK\’s Iskra Project crescendoed in a weekend university prep boot camp across the Polish Consulate, the Polish Combatants\’ Association, and the University of Toronto. Twenty high school students met with thirty mentors — recent university grads and not only — to learn what awaits them around the corner (Toronto, June 2013)

SLP 2012

Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych (School for Polish Leaders Abroad) from the eyes of a Canadian (Warsaw, August-September 2012).

PISK Leadership Retreat: Fall 2012

Students and recent graduates from across Ontario met up in September to participate in a weekend of community-building activities, including workshops, discussions, and team-building games. (Photocred: Maciek Hryniewicki)

Quo Vadis IV: Calgary 2012

Charming, Alluring, Lovely, Glorious, Ambrosial, Resplendent, Yearning to go back… QV IV

PISK Summer Camp 2012

This summer\’s PISK Camp had its biggest turnout so far — about 100 people! Some of this year\’s events included a Krav Maga self-defense lesson, rock climbing, a volleyball tourney, the Survivor Challenge (complete with Fear-Factoresque Polish food challenge, boating and swimming relay, and ultimate water balloon fight), and the usual nighttime party and games at the stodoła/barn.

PISK Winter Camping Part 1 & 2

It was pushed back into March this year, but it was still chilly enough to be billed as “winter camping”. Wish you were there! (March 2012, Kaszuby)( Part 1 & Deux)

Raz Dwa Trzy!

May 18, 2012 (Ricoh Coliseum)– Red and white dwarfed green and yellow in the stands as GTA Polonia came out in droves to support Team Poland in world league volleyball game against Team Brazil. Raz Dwa Trzy!!!

Iskra Wilfred Laurier Tour

The last university tour in a string of three was Canada\’s famous business school: Wilfrid Laurier University. Luckily, it was only a short walk from the University of Waterloo to its sister school. And an added bonus: Romek and Tomek showed up! (March 15, 2012, Waterloo)

Iskra University of Waterloo Tour

Shortly following a tour of the University of Guelph, the Iskra team drove over to the University of Waterloo to see what Canada\’s acclaimed engineering and math university had to offer. (March 15, 2012, Waterloo)

Iskra Guelph University Tour

A jam-packed day for the Iskra team began with a tour of Canada\’s prime veterinary/agricultural sciences university in the quaint college town of Guelph, Ontario. (March 15, 2012, Guelph)

Iskra High School Presentation

The Iskra Project visited Mississauga\’s John Cabot Polish High School to invite students to take an active part in Polonia and to participate in our ongoing university tours. A special treat awaited us when we ran into Professor Trojanowska at U of T\’s Polish University Fair immediately following our presentation! (March 3, 2012, Mississauga)

Shooting the Iskra Promo Video

People have been growing more and more curious about PISK\’s recent high school initiative, the “Iskra Project”. We decided to answer some of the more frequently-asked questions via video. Voilà a behind-the-scenes look at our approach! (February 26, 2012, Hamilton)

Iskra Western University Tour

Polish high school students from Hamilton and London do Western with the help of Western\’s Polish club on campus. (February 25, 2012, London)

Quo Vadis Calgary Execs

Meet the friendly faces behind this year\’s Quo Vadis student Polonia Conference, being held on August 17-19, 2012 in Calgary and Canmore, Alberta. More information at quovadiscalgary2012.com

Gzowskis Club Wino & Walentynka Album

Waterloo\’s Gzowski Club (consisting of Polish students from Conestoga, Laurier, and Waterloo) knows how to throw down a mean Valentine\’s Day palooza. (February 11, 2012)

Iskra McMaster University Tour

Sixteen Polish high school students (including some Canadian friends) met the team behind the McMaster University tour, consisting of five \”Iskra Project\” members and five McMaster Polish Society executives. (February 4, 2012, Hamilton)

Iskra High School Presentations

The beginning of the \”Iskra Project\”, with high school presentations on the usefulness of speaking Polish and of keeping active in Polonia by recent Polish-Canadian university alumni. Schools visited: Hamilton\’s Red Hill and St. Charles, Toronto\’s Don Bosco, and London\’s Polish school (not pictured). (November 14, 16, & 19, 2011, Hamilton & Toronto)

QV III PreConference Events

PISK, the YPCPA, and the PSA at U of T co-organized the third edition of the Quo Vadis conference series in Toronto. Hugely successful, it was unique in that 50 delegates received full sponsorship to fly in from across Europe. Here are some pictures from the three-day pre-conference organised just for them to showcase the neighbouring cities of Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

HPYO Events (2011)

The Hamilton Polonia Youth Organization is headed by Mike Konstanty and Kasia Kucemba. They do many things in for the city\’s youth; here is but a glimpse.

Past PISK gallery from the old website

These are most of the pictures from PISK\’s old site (pre-2011)

Quo Vadis II

Quo Vadis is a networking conference for Polish post-secondary students. It happens every year; no. 2 happened in Windsor.

HPYO Concert

There was a massive flood in Sandomierz, Poland. Many houses were destroyed so the Hamilton Polonia Youth Organization got to work raising funds. HPYO Concert.

Poland in the Rockies

UWaterloo PSA Bouldering


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