Quo Vadis Conferences—in short, Quo Vadis—are a series of international three-day events for students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 40 of Polish ethnic origin from around the globe. The purpose of these conferences is to provide over one hundred delegates with the avenue to network with like-minded individuals, exchange Polish community experiences and furthermore, develop leadership skills. Quo Vadis is more than just a three-day yearly event; it has flourished into a movement which strives to unite ambitious young people around the three founding values: heritage, leadership and unity. The facts speak for themselves: eleven editions of the conference have been held in the last five years in three different countries, amounting to over 1,200 Quo Vadis alumni worldwide (as of 2013).

Quo Vadis originated as a simple idea back in 2009 and expanded into one of the most notable Polonia events worldwide. The first conference was held in Ottawa, Canada in 2009. Thanks to an immense amount of hard work and perseverance of hundreds of volunteers, Quo Vadis continues to grow yearly with conferences being held in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

There is no prediction on where Quo Vadis will be in the future, but until then, we do hope you will join our Professionals’ Network! And keep your eyes open for our next conference!

Quo Vadis conferences cost on average 50,000-120,000 CAD to run. Please consider donating any amount and help make this year’s conference a success! We issue tax receipts.