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Quo Vadis Montreal 2013 OFFICIAL PHOTO(Chivalric Pictures)

Preparations for the Quo Vadis youth Conference in Canada began in full steam on Friday, February 15, when the organizing committee presented their initiative to the press and invited guests at the Polish Consulate in Montreal. This year’s fifth Canadian edition will take place from the 16th to 18th of August in Montreal.


The event was an opportunity for the Polish and Canadian media, as well as representatives from the academic, business, and cultural communities, to find out more about the world’s largest and most important meeting of young Poles and people of Polish heritage living outside of Poland.

For this special occasion, Deputy Foreign Minister Janusz Cisek – responsible for cooperation with the Polish diaspora and Poles living abroad – appeared in a video message addressed to the organizers, participants and sponsors of the Quo Vadis conference.

“We all know the importance attached by the global Polish diaspora to the activity of its young representatives. Only a combination of experience and knowledge of the older generations coupled with the dynamics and understanding of trends in our rapidly changing world, typical of young people, will allow us to proudly say tomorrow that the Polish spirit in Canada is fully able to stand the test of time,” said Janusz Cisek to the participants of the meeting in Montreal.

The organizers of Quo Vadis V had the opportunity to meet with numerous public figures, such as the Consul General in Toronto Grzegorz Morawski, and Julius Grey – one of the most known Montreal lawyers and human rights advocate as well as the host of the meeting, the Consul General in Montreal, Andrzej Szydło.

This year’s Montreal edition of Quo Vadis will bring over 150 young people together, who in the company of Polish and Canadian public figures, will discuss ways to promote community involvement, continuity of the Polish identity and cultural heritage, a future vision for our community in Canada, as well as how to transmit the knowledge of our present leaders to the new ones.

Quo Vadis V will be held under the patronage of the Polish Ambassador to Canada, Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz, and with the support of the Polish Consulate General in Montreal. The key partner of the event: the Foundation for the Development of Civic Thought (Fundacja Rozwoju Myśli Obywatelskiej), received a 500 000 PLN grant (160 000 CAD) from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of supporting the three 2013 Quo Vadis conferences in Canada, USA and Australia.

Source – Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Montreal


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