Comments from Past Delegates

Thoughts and comments from previous Quo Vadis delegates:

Quo Vadis is not about sitting through lectures about Polish-Canadian heritage, but it is about new experiences, new knowledge you gain through individual and group workshops. Quo Vadis is a place where I have made lifelong friends. The reason why I always come back and attend Quo Vadis is because I have the opportunity to make new friends, learn something new, be challenged intellectually and have a great time.

Dominika (Guelph, ON, CANADA)

Quo Vadis Chicago 2012 was an inspirational experience on every level that provided the opportunity to network with and learn from speakers and fellow participants and attend events such as the reception at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago with representatives from Polish organizations. If you are a young Polish professional or academic interested in discovering where you came from and where you’re going in life, I encourage you to embark on the unforgettable journey of participating in Quo Vadis.

Christina (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

QV helped me realize that my vision and goal was achievable, and soon after attending QV3 in Toronto I went on to form the Polish Student Organization at American University.

Matthew (Washington, USA)

Quo Vadis does not just ask you where you are going, it challenges you to discover yourself, your roots and your personal direction, through working and interacting with others, and being inspired by successful leaders.

Andrzej (Mississauga, ON, CANADA)

Quo Vadis was a remarkable experience. I was very inspired by the intelligence, professionalism, energy and friendliness of both organizers and participants. It was truly amazing and unforgettable to meet so many people with similar background and interests from all over the world; people I hope to stay friends with for a very long time.

Anna (Chicago, IL, USA)

Quo Vadis in Toronto was a wonderful opportunity to maintain important relationships created over the years while I was involved in the Polish community. I’m so pleased that there is so much energy in my community all over North America and I’m definitely looking forward to the Montreal conference!

Kinia (Montreal, QC, CANADA)

Quo Vadis is a once in a lifetime experience to express ones culture that has become a global theme. These conferences are important because they unite people within the Polish culture on a world scale and open doors to issues that one cannot solve on their own!

Anna (Windsor, ON, CANADA)

QV- Jest najlepsyzm miejscem do tego aby zapoczątkować trwałą współpracę z innymi środowiskami polonijnymi. Jest również okazją do tego, aby złapać kontakt do wielu mentorów i liderów a także poznać wielu wspaniałych ludzi.

Dawid (Katowice, POLAND)

For me the best experience from the QV3 was to see the potential of the Polish Community wherever we are and that we can put on a side our petty disagreements to do something much greater together that goes well beyond what we can achieve just as individuals.

Gosia (Aigburth, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM)

I think Quo Vadis was a very engaging conference that showed us, the youth, how big our Polish community really is and how much we can accomplish if we work together. It was very inspiring to be a part of the very first Quo Vadis in Ottawa as well as the one in Windsor. I took back a lot of information and ideas to Winnipeg. Another wonderful thing about the Quo Vadis conferences is that they provide a way for youth to create networks around the world really, now that this idea has expanded from Canada to America and even Australia. Quo Vadis reminds us of the value of our heritage, our strength in unity and the importance of leadership in today’s world as well as our own communities. This conference is definitely an opportunity that should not be missed as it has the ability to change how we view our societies.

Maria (Winnipeg, MB, CANADA)

Quo Vadis conferences are important to me because they opened my eyes to a whole network of fellow Polish descendants like myself. These people are educated, smart and have the same heritage as I do.

Natalia (Windsor, ON, CANADA)

QV Calgary taught me many things; how to be brave, never give up the dream, success is attainable, even at a young age, and to continue celebrating polish traditions. I got to heard so many inspirational stories, and had the opportunity to meet a wonderful, unforgettable Polish-Canadian youth.

Magdalena (Toronto, ON, CANADA)

Quo Vadis motivated and inspired me to become a more active and engaged citizen in the Polish-Canadian community and beyond.

Monika (Toronto, ON, CANADA)

QV is the equivalent of TEDx on Polish-American/Canadian/etc. issues that focus on arts, culture, leadership, business and politics. It goes without saying that it’s a great venue to meet some of the brightest, most interesting and passionate individuals.

Robert (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Some issues transcend borders. Motivating people to get involved and become more active citizens does too. Leadership and political visibility are also universal terms. I think the conference geared towards young people of similar background will be of high interest to both U.S. and Canadian citizens.

Agnieszka (Chicago, IL, USA)

There needs to be a greater focus on our youth generation, since we have the potential of becoming an influential future generation. We need to ask the question: what, as students and young professionals, could we do in order to push Polonia forward?

Michal (Toronto, ON, CANADA)

I believe the event is a great opportunity to expand my leadership skills and give my community an opportunity to get involved.

Dominka (Guelph, ON, CANADA)

As the alumni of the School of Polonia Leaders, I network with other young leaders in order to promote and preserve Polish rich culture and ties between Poland and US.

Laura (Texas, HS, USA)

I am both a student, in my second year of business at the University of Alberta, as well as a young professional. This next conference can cater to my demographic by including a forum for new, student driven, ideas and concepts to be brought forward and discussed in a professional and interactive way.

Robert (Edmonton, AB, CANADA)

I found the discussion panel at the original QV was very well thought out and inspiring. Something similar with a series of new guests would probably be interesting to consider. It would be interesting to see and hear what prominent Polonia members think of “what is Polishness” and so on.

Kasia (Toronto, ON, CANADA)

Relevance, brevity, and CONNECTION between current leaders and the youth attending is key.

Pawel (Waterloo, ON, CANADA)

This conference will help to unify the Polish youth and student here and unity them with other Polonia members around the country. I just believe that the whole concept of the conference, will entice person within the Polish community that I know of.

Szymon (Winnipeg, MB, CANADA)