QV Professionals’ Network AGM

Members of Quo Vadis Professionals’ Network were notified last night via email of our upcoming AGM!

Haven’t signed up yet? There’s still time!

Benefits include:

  • 10% discount to one Quo Vadis Conference in Canada per calendar year;
  • One free entry to a Quo Vadis related networking opportunity or event once per calendar year anywhere in Canada;
  • Be eligible to join the Quo Vadis Conferences Canada Board of Directors and/or the organizing committee for the next Quo Vadis Conference;
  • Be eligible to participate in the Annual QVPN Member’s meeting;
  • Be part of a global network with hundreds of Quo Vadis alumni;
  • Be the first to know about Quo Vadis Conference updates and related events.

Membership is FREE until 31 December 2018! And then only $20.00/year after that.

Questions? Comments? Email us at QuoVadisConferencesCanada@gmail.com

Launching QV Professionals’ Network

Quo Vadis Conferences Canada is happy to announce that we are formalizing our membership structure by launching Quo Vadis Professionals’ Network! There are great membership benefits, including discounts to future Quo Vadis Conferences. The Professionals’ Network is open to all QV alumni as well as anyone who supports our mission statement. Hurry and signup now! Membership is FREE until 31 December 2018!

Full details on our website: https://quovadisconferences.org/membership-application/