Andrew Dabrowski


  • Program Director, ‘Quo Vadis 2017: Nowa Fala’ Conference (Burlington, ON)
  • Executive Member, PISK (Polish Students’ Initiative of Canada)
  • Board Member, KPK
  • Member, SPK
  • Światowe Igrzyska Polonijne – Team Canada


  • M.Sc.Ed – Masters of Science in Education (Niagara University, 2006)
  • O.C.T. – Ontario College of Teacher’s Certification (Niagara University, 2006)
  • B.Sc – Bachelor of Science – Psychology and Religious Studies, minor in Philosophy (University of Toronto, 2004)

Profession: Real estate agent and high school teacher.


Favourite Quote: If you build it, they will come. –Field of Dreams

About: Andrew’s family left Poland due to communism and the Chernobyl disaster. After settling in Mississauga, Andrew had a difficult time adjusting to Canadian culture. Upon entering high school, Andrew was pleasantly surprised to find a large Polish community who supported one another and shared pride in their heritage.

The Polish culture has shaped Andrew’s identity and given him a sense of purpose and belonging. From church groups to university Polish clubs and athletic associations, he’s taken on leadership roles and assisted with organizing events. Being involved in such organizations has allowed him to connect with people, keep his culture and values alive, as well as to celebrate who we are as Polish Canadians. Andrew’s not only proud to be Polish, but also happy to be part of this wonderful community. He labours to give back to the groups that have provided such joy in his life. He does this through mentoring students, coaching, teaching. leading conferences such as ISKRA, Quo Vadis, and inspiring today’s youth.