QV Professionals’ Network AGM

Members of Quo Vadis Professionals’ Network were notified last night via email of our upcoming AGM!

Haven’t signed up yet? There’s still time!

Benefits include:

  • 10% discount to one Quo Vadis Conference in Canada per calendar year;
  • One free entry to a Quo Vadis related networking opportunity or event once per calendar year anywhere in Canada;
  • Be eligible to join the Quo Vadis Conferences Canada Board of Directors and/or the organizing committee for the next Quo Vadis Conference;
  • Be eligible to participate in the Annual QVPN Member’s meeting;
  • Be part of a global network with hundreds of Quo Vadis alumni;
  • Be the first to know about Quo Vadis Conference updates and related events.

Membership is FREE until 31 December 2018! And then only $20.00/year after that.

Questions? Comments? Email us at QuoVadisConferencesCanada@gmail.com


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